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COD Mobile on PC

Call of Duty Mobile has been released worldwide. The game is taking Battle Royale genre to a whole new level. You heard that right. The new COD Mobile is not about the FPS experience only. It’s going to take the gamers into a completely unexplored and unknown world where a battle is happening between dozens of players.

It’s time for the soldiers to test their mettle. On land where they are all by themselves, and the only surroundings they have are their enemies. The courage, bravery, and valor should be tested.

COD Mobile hasn’t even taken more than 24 hours to make a mark. The game is now being played by millions of players.

The best part of COD Mobile is that it’s a computer and console-level game. The developers have put in so much hard work that the players are now loving playing this game on their computers. Yes, it’s originally built for phones and that should be your primary medium to play this game, but if you want to unleash the game’s true graphics and want to enjoy the sound of those gunshots on your speakers, you may consider running it on a computer.

That’s where we are going to play our role. On our site, COD Mobile players will find the guides to download and install COD Mobile on PC or play Call of Duty Mobile for PC.

The guides posted on our site are first hand-tested. We believe in delivering the best tutorials that work up to the mark. Apart from educating COD Mobile Players about how they can download COD Mobile on PC, we also take interest in knowing all the problems that COD Mobile players face in their daily gameplay. Our aim is to have a solution to every single COD Mobile problem on our site.

So, our motto is far beyond just letting you run this game on the PC. We are here with the best hand-crafted COD Mobile Tutorials, Guides, Tips & Tricks.

For any queries related to our site or the content posted on our site, you can contact us at admin[@]codmobileonpc[dot]com.